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  • Repair Your Plumbing & HVAC Appliances with Smedley

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  • Repair Your Plumbing & HVAC Appliances with Smedley

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Hot and Cold: Learn About Plumbing Services in Ogden, UT

When you sit back and relax in the comfort and coolness of your home, do you ever think about the history of your air conditioner? We didn’t think so. Fortunately, we’ve done it for you. Air conditioners and heating systems have a unique history that every homeowner should know about.

Although air conditioners date back to the 2nd century, the first modern air conditioner was developed in 1902 for a publishing house to protect papers. Developers soon began to see that functioning HVAC systems were a valuable asset to any home or business. Today, HVAC systems range in size, style, and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Tips

If you want to keep comfortable—and lower your utilities bill—try the following:

  • Properly insulate your home
  • Seal air leaks around doors and windows
  • Unplug your appliances (electronics still use energy when off)
  • Find an HVAC system that uses variable speed heat pumps

The next time you turn on your HVAC system, remember that a poorly fitted system costs homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars every year in extra fuel consumption. Don’t let an ill-fitted system drain your wallet. Find more facts and energy-saving tips in the infographic below. Then contact Smedley Service at 801.544.4480 for a free estimate on plumbing, heating, and AC in Layton, UT today.

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