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Too much humidity in the home can be a problem, as you know if you’ve lived on the coast or in the South. But in Utah, the dry, high-altitude air dries out your skin, causes bloody noses and sore throats, and even makes you more vulnerable to asthma and allergy symptoms.

Introducing the perfect amount of humidity to your home will make you happier, healthier, and more comfortable at home. If you live in Ogden, UT; Salt Lake City, UT; Layton, UT; or any nearby cities along the Wasatch Front, Smedley Service can help.

Choose Our High-Quality Humidifiers in Salt Lake City, Layton, and Ogden

Whole-home humidifiers hook up to your home’s HVAC unit. They blow slightly moisturized air throughout the home when the unit kicks on, so you don’t have to worry about switching the unit off or on.

Most homeowners run their humidifiers during the winter, since the humidity helps decrease your chances of getting a cold or the flu during peak flu season. It also prevents the dry lips, cracked skin, and dry hair that you associate with a Utah winter.

If you’re interested in getting a humidifier for your home, look through the products we offer below. We’re happy to answer your questions about each unit any time-just fill out the form to your right or call (801) 544-4480


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