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Find Expert Repair for Your Air Conditioning and Heating in Utah

When your AC breaks in the middle of the summer, your home or business can quickly become uncomfortable. And nothing’s worse than a broken heater during the winter months. That’s when you call the experts at Smedley Service for all your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning problems.

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Tankless Water Heaters: Heating water with a traditional water heater costs homeowners thousands of dollars a year. Tankless water heaters conserve energy by providing hot water on demand.

ml180 (Furnace)

Furnaces and Heat Pumps: Prevent winter freeze-outs in your home and conserve energy during winter months with regular furnace maintenance. You can also save energy with our solar-ready heat pumps.


image_19 (Humidity Control)

Humidity Control: Keep your home comfortable and environmentally healthy with adjustable humidity control.


49033_large (Air Conditioner)

Air Conditioners: Stay cool during the summer months with a yearly check-up of your air conditioner. Smedley Service technicians are all EPA and RMGA certified.


image_7 Air Purification System

Air Purification Systems: Contagions and pollutants enter the home in various ways. Air purification systems clean these contaminants as they circulate through your home. Be sure to look at our other indoor air quality products as well.

To keep your home or business comfortable regardless of the time of year, contact the certified technicians at Smedley Services for all your needs in heating and air conditioning in Ogden, UT.

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